About the Institut Choiseul


The Institut Choiseul is an independent think-tank dedicated to the analysis of contemporary strategic issues and international economic questions.

Based in Paris, its ambition is to create independent dialogue spaces at the crossroad of the political and institutional world, of the economic scene and the sphere of ideas, in order to enhance debates on today’s key problematics.

By organizing prestigious events and informals meetings between the main leaders in Paris, Brussels, Moscow or in Africa, by sharing its publications to the decision-makers and influent opinion leaders, the Institut Choiseul continually nurtures economic and political actors decisions.

Identifier of talents in particular through the Choiseul 100, the Choiseul 100 Africa, the Choiseul 100 Russia, the Choiseul Ville de demain, the Choiseul Hauts-de-France or the Choiseul Sport & Business, the Institut Choiseul contributes to the emergence of a young generation of leaders internationally recognized.